For ncWMS 1.x Users

Changes from ncWMS 1.x

The following is a list of some of the major changes from ncWMS 1.x:

  • Support for SLD styling
  • Easy configuration of additional styles based on SLD templates
  • Support for in-situ data visualisation from the Met Office EN3/4 databases
  • Many more palettes and a simple configuration for adding new ones
  • An improved Godiva3 web client
  • Moved security configuration to the servlet container
  • Moved build system to Maven - this makes it easier for 3rd parties to build the project and use the EDAL libraries in their own projects
  • Updated to the latest NetCDF libraries from Unidata
  • Some changes to the API:
    • GetMap only produces animations with the addition of an extra URL parameter: "animation"
    • GetFeatureInfo now only returns text/XML
    • GetTimeseries, GetVerticalProfile, are new methods which replace the previous PNG implementations for GetFeatureInfo

Migrating from ncWMS 1.x

Configuration for ncWMS v2 is very similar to that for ncWMS v1.x. Whilst the dataset configuration has changed quite a bit, old config.xml files from 1.x versions can be used on v2 (but not the other way around). Therefore, to migrate from v1.x to v2, only two steps need to be taken:

  • Copy the config.xml file from its old location (~/.ncWMS/) to the v2 location (~/.ncWMS2/ by default - see configuration for details on how to change this)
  • Configure your servlet container to add a security role for the ncWMS admin user (see installation)

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